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Coding Courses

GEMS coding courses are designed to introduce and teach kids in a systematic way. During the course kids learn from the basic to advance level concepts. They start learning from visual block based programing to text base programing and then learn high level languages.  If your child already learn some concepts then he/she will be assess and will be placed on the right level.

Introduction of Coding -Level 1
2D Animation And Story Telling

This is the foundation level of learning code. In this level students will start learning from block based programming. 

Students will master programming concepts like Algorithm, Events, Loops. They will also learn to code 2D animation and will code and animate different characters and create interesting stories through problem solving approach. 

For example: They will create a story of a Panda coming from planet Mars to the Earth and teaching Math in the school.

Duration  – 10 weeks


Introduction of Coding - Level 2
Games Design

This is a Game design level. In this level, student will be learning Conditional Statements, Variables, Nested Loops and Nested Conditional Statements. They will be creating different single user games. 

Students will be creating a variety of games incorporating all coding concepts. For example: They will create and code a Soccer Penalty Kick game and will create their own animated  parrot story travelling the world. 


Duration – 10 weeks






App Development - Level 1

In this  level, students will be introduced to an App Development environment. They will learn how to design simple apps.

Students will be learning how to use UI Interface of App Development, Variables, UI Buttons and will work with different App screens.


Duration – 10 Weeks


App Development - Level 2

In this level, Students will be building different app using the concepts which they have learned in the previous level.

They will also be learning how to create different level of games, Dropdowns boxes, patterns and shapes.


Duration  – 10 Weeks


Sensors And Circuit Design Coding- Level 1

This is a very unique level where students will program microcontroller and get introduced to high level computer language. 

In this level, students will be introduced to microcontroller concepts, learn about programing LED Lights and Buttons, understand and  will  work with sensors and buttons, receive data from the Sensors and write a program to send instructions to the microcontroller to perform certain tasks. They will applying all the programing concepts which they have learned in the previous levels

Duration – 12 weeks.

Sensors And Circuit Design Coding - Level 2

In this level student will be introduced to circuit design. They will be building different kind of circuits with different components and programing the circuits.

Students will be making a Traffic Light signal circuit with the LED lights and buttons and they will be programing the circuit with block bases and text based programming both. They will be also be learning and creating Earthquake sensor and programing to raise the alarms once sensors detect the Earthquake.



Duration – 12 weeks

Introduction To Python

In this level, Students will start learning High level Language. They will be setting up Python environment and installing the Python editor to write and and run the code.

They will be learning, Algorithm, Events, Functions, Loops, Conditional Statement, List, Dictionary Loops etc. 

They will be creating a simple security system on their own environment, 

They will be also creating a simple Pizza order program.


Duration   – 16 Weeks


Python - Object Oriented Programing

Students will be introduced to Object Oriented Programing and they will be learning concepts of Object, Methods, Attributes, Class, Inheritance  Lists, 

Duration – 12 weeks.

Python - Artificial Intelligence

Student will be introduced to AI. They will learn what is AI concepts and it’s implementation. They will be building an AI Chat Bot using Python in this level.