Math Patterning, Sorting And Motion Geometry Summer Camp – Grade 2,3
July-13 to July-17-2020

$275.00 $175.00

This camp is for students entering Grade 2 and 3 from September. Students will learn a variety of patterns, repeating patterns and growing patterns including numbers, figures and shapes. Students will learn creating pattern rules, tables and finding a figure through pattern rules. Through shapes students will be introduced to basic geometry concepts learning and understanding about polygons and further learning Venn diagrams. Each day students will solve “Problem of the day”. Another major element of each day is an IQ non verbal reasoning question to ponder upon.

Date – July-13-2020 to July-17-2020


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Math Patterning, Sorting And Motion Geometry

Grad 2& 3 – 2:30 – 4 PM