Electrical Engineering And Circuits Summer Camp-Age: 10 to 13 yrs –
Aug-4 to Aug-7-2020


Kids will learn electrical circuits, as how to light a bulb and ring an alarm and build their electric cars! Includes concepts of conductivity, electron flow, parallel and series circuits. Understanding of resistance, electricity flow through a variety of projects. (Kit fee: $45, includes shipping)

Date – Aug-4 to Aug-7-2020

Please Note: A kit is required for this Camp. The cost of the Kit is $25 + Tax. This kit can be used after the camp to different projects. A Kit pickup time will be coordinated before the camp date. If would like to ship to your house then shipping charges will be applied.

Time : Age 10-13 years – 2:30 to 4 PM

Camp Fees – $145 + Tax

Kit Fees – $25+Tax.



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Electrical Engineering And Circuits

Age 10-13 years – 2:30 to 4 PM