Artificial Intelligence & Sensors Camp
Age – 10 to 14 Years – July-20 to July-24-2020


Artificial Intelligence & Sensors Summer Camp Age – 10 to 14 Years

This is a very unique camp where kids will be introduced to AI concepts (Artificial Intelligence) through project based learning. From creating a smiley face to steering wheel, through out the week students will develop variety of projects using a single board computer and learning about micro processor, LED lights, touch sensor, motion sensor, Tilt sensor and introduction of IOT (Internet of things). They will also be learning the basic concepts of programming including, conditional statement, loops, variable and Events etc using block based programming interface.

Dates- July-20 TO July-24-2020

Time – 10 AM To 11:30 PM 

Single board computer Kit is required for this camp. The kit prices is $65 + Tax and it needs to be purchased from us by end of June-30-2020. Kit will be shipped to you once you registered for the summer camp and pay for the kit. It is a reuse able kit and after completing the camp, student can use it to do different projects.

Camp Fees – $175

Kit – $65


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AI & Sensor Summer Camp

Age 10 to 14 yr – 10 AM To 11:30 AM