gems squared Math Program





Gems Squared Math Program

An exclusive and unique “GEMS Squared” math program to enhance children’s logical thinking and IQ skills With absolute focus on Grade wise curriculum, Critical thinking, Problem solving and teaching non-verbal reasoning skills, keeping your kid AHEAD of the curve.

KEY ELEMENTS of our program

Grade wise advance curriculum
Grade wise advance curriculum
coding for kids
Problem Solving
Logical Reasoning
Math Drills
Why our program is different then other math tutoring programs?

Grade wise Advance Math curriculum

Our GEMS Squared math program is comprehensively designed to challenge students and encourage them to extend their mathematical thinking. This program focuses on introducing students to important math concepts and gives them the foundations and structure to tackle not only their grade topics as per Canadian Curriculum, but even learn and enjoy complex topics. The program structure follows the five strands of the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum for the student’s current grade level and then pushes the boundaries into older grade level topics.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

There are many reasons that make us stand out, one to them is that we correlate word problems that represent a real-life scenario to mathematical problems so that the students understand it from a logical perspective, and teach and enable them to learn how to gather the necessary data and then process the adequate mathematical procedure. Ultimately the program’s objective is teaching the child how to think logically and efficiently which is a beneficial characteristic that can be applied throughout their entire life and it also eases the possibility of reaching top-tier colleges further in life.

coding for kids

Logical Reasoning and IQ skills

The GEMS Squared math program exclusively promotes developing skills that will be beneficial for student’s reasoning , improving their critical thinking power, and help them with their learning curve. It broadens the whole concept of gradewide tutoring, when students will be taught IQ and spatial reasoning skills. That’s when the smart child becomes smarter!

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