GEMS Learning Institute

3476 Glen Erin Dr, Erin Mills, Mississauga, Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario L5L 3R4


Tel  :   416-910-6131


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GEMS Learning Institute

2163 Sixth Line, Unit 15 Oakville, Halton Regional Municipality, Ontario L6H 3N7


Tel  :  416-910-6131



English Tutoring (Mississauga and Oakville)

At Gems learning institute (Mississauga), we understand that it is extremely important for a student to read and write effectively and intelligently. As every course students take in their learning journey requires the ability to read and comprehend the questions properly in order to effectively answer the questions.


We offer English tutoring by grade level. Our English tutoring program is based on the Ontario school curriculum. We determine the skill level of your child by taking an assessment. After the assessment, our English tutor develops an individual plan for the child. This applies to group tutoring as well. In cases, in which children are advancing and grasping concepts quickly, we modify and tailor the lesson to continue ongoing success.



Our English tutors have great communication skills, and the ability to identify the best way to convey the material in a way that matches the child needs. Most of the students get the best benefit from our individualize or small group English tutoring program.

Our English tutors also implement positive reinforcement. Simply assigning homework assignments, or in-class practice sessions can do this. We also conduct regular testing to ensure that the material is being mastered.



Our English Tutoring includes:



Elementary School English  - Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Reading and Comprehension.


Middle and Junior High School English: Writing, Reading, Comprehension, and Literature.


High School English: Essay writing, Literature Comprehension, Report writing and Proof Reading






English Reading Tutoring:



Our English Tutors helps students to improve their reading and oral skills. English Reading Tutoring includes:



  • Learning the letters.


  • Build the basic of phonics.


  • Vocabulary.


  • Strengthen the ability to read written words and understand them.


  • Learn to read words accurately, quickly, and with proper pronunciation.


  • Story reading and comprehension with discussion of story and story elements with the English tutor or as a group.


  • Adjust reading lessons to the pace and that is best suited for child.


  • We provide, instant feedback and recognition to motivate child for every skill learned, whether your child is mastering reading aloud or reading comprehension.




English Writing Tutoring



Whether your child needs help writing complete sentences or developing thesis statements our English writing tutors will help your child build the essential writing skills.



Our English Writing Tutoring includes:


  • Sharpen vocabulary and spelling skills.


  • Master grammar and punctuation rules.


  • Writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing


  • Paragraph and essay development.






English Grammar Tutoring 


At GEMS Learning Centre, our English tutors ensure that students learn to use grammar in all types of writing styles. 


Our English Grammar Tutoring Includes:



  • Help with editing drafts of work, such as essay or news report.


  • How to write and structure essays etc.


  • Encourage students to use thesaurus for diverse vocabulary usage in work.


  • Proper usage of conjunctions, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and overall punctuation such as commas, semi colons, and quotation marks.